Tranquilize Your Body and Soul With Kerala Beach Vacations

Visit the well-equipped, well-managed and safely protected beach in Kerala which is becoming an ideal beach holiday destination in India. This natural wonderland is blessed with nature’s green beauties, including lagoons, huge lakes and many freshwater rivers. The extensive network of 44 rivers flowing through Kerala makes it a long and attractive beach with many beaches and beach resorts. People take lots of photos and want to post on Instagram but they didnot find perfect beach captions.

Apart from its coastal beauties and beaches, Kerala is visited for the world famous snake boat race, which is held in this waters around the Ondi Festival. Kerala has witnessed a steady influx of people fed up with dull urban life. These people relax in the calm waters of Kerala. The beaches of Kerala, with their palm trees, are beautiful sections of clean sand.

Plan a trip to the beaches of Kerala and relax in the golden sands as you stretch the rows of palm trees on the beach, sipping a delicate coconut juice and enjoying an Ayurvedic massage. The water of the coast of Kerala has a calming and calming effect on the body and mind and calms the senses and soul of those who rest on its banks. Here are some popular beaches in Kerala:

Alappuzha Beach
Alappuzha or Alappuzha is a district full of magical beauty. It is located to the east of the Arabian Sea. The vast network of lakes, lagoons and freshwater rivers make it the “Venice of the East”. There are many avifa (bird) species on the beach. It is also a wonderfully relaxing beach for fishing. Share these best Alappuzha beach Instagram captions with friends.

Kovalam Beach
It serves as a starting point for your backwater cruise to explore the beautiful countryside of Kerala. Kovalam Beach, surrounded by lush green greens, is always filled with lots of boats and catwulas (houseboats). Kovalam Beach is an ideal surfing destination and offers a pleasant tropical climate throughout the year.

Dharmadam Island Beach
This small, 5 hectare, beautiful island is located 17 km from Kannur and is covered with coconut trees and greenery. The island is about 100 meters from the mainland of Dharamdham. Special permission is required to enter this private island.

Marari Beach
Marari is located in the vicinity of the city of Cochin and is the most spectacular stretch of soft sand and Palm Beach. It provides a comfortable place for a relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Fort kochi beach
The historic landmark city located near the beach has a different lifestyle inspired by Portuguese, Dutch and British. This cultural influence is evident in the Indo-European architecture of Fort Kochi. New Year’s Eve Carnival in Cochin is the main attraction at this beach.

Varkala Beach
Varkala beach is a very revered place due to the ancient temple of Lord Vishnu which is about 2000 years old. The beach has several mineral water springs which are known for their medicinal medicinal values ​​and are also known as “Papanashini”. People believe that bathing in the holy waters of Varkala beach purifies body and soul.

Bipore Beach
A few decades ago it was a shipbuilding center. Bipore beach in the north of Kerala was developed by the original Arabs. The remains of the shipbuilding industry and the old timber industry can still be seen here.

Azimala beach
There is a hill on this beautiful beach which is about 286 meters high. The beach is famous for many water sports activities and a maritime academy.

Mujapilangad Beach
This long, clean beach is an ideal place for swimming and Ayurveda treatment. Tourists can sunbathe on golden sands or just relax. The beach is surrounded by black stones.

Some other major beaches of Kerala which are suitable for Ayurveda medicine, water sports and relaxation:

Bekal Beach
anwatheerth beach
Cloth beach
Kapil beach
Pembalam Beach
East beach
Shanmugam Beach
Somathiram beach
Tanur beach
Tirumalvaram Beach
Vallikun Beach
The beaches and surrounding areas of Kerala are famous for their delicious seafood, friendly people, smiling sun, sapphire blue water and palm trees. These picturesque beaches are the best places to rejuvenate your body and soul.


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